Course Schedule

Upcoming Summer 2017


Note: All MENG courses follow the Summer Session 3 guidelines.  

  • If registering after April 24, 2017 you will have 3 days after enrollment to make payments.
  • Add/drop date is May 12, 2017. All drops after this date are considered withdrawals with NO refund.


ENGR 5311-Professional Communications

Originating Location: Online
Possible Projection Locations: Online
Instruction Mode: Hybrid/Online
Day/Time: TBD
Dates: 6/5/2017-8/4/2017
Instructor : Warren Osterndorf


ENGR 5312-Engineering Project Planning and Management

Originating Location: Online
Possible Projection Locations: Online
Instruction Mode: Online
Day/Time: TBD
Dates:  5/15/2017-8/11/2017
Instructor : Anna Radziwillowicz


ENGR 5314-Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Originating Location: Online
Possible Projection Locations: Online
Instruction Mode: Online
Day/Time: TBD
Dates:  6/5/2017-8/4/2017
Instructor : David Tonn


MSE 5311-Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Originating Location: CT Center for Advanced Technology
Possible Projection Locations: UCONN Avery Point Campus
Instruction Mode: Live Lecture
Day/Time: Wednesday5:00 to 7:30 pm
Dates: 5/31/2017-8/16/2017
Instructor : Rainer Hebert