New Students

Now that you have been admitted to the college, you are probably getting a lot of e-mails from the university. Most of these emails are intended for full time graduate and certificate students that are taking classes on the Storrs campus.

Information you should pay attention to is anything relating to your UConn gmail account, your NetID, the Student Administration system and HuskyCT.  You can find information and links on our website.

UConn E-mail

Your UConn gmail account is considered the official e-mail account for all students enrolled in the university.  Most professors will only send e-mails to this account and not to your work or personal e-mail accounts.  We encourage you to make sure this is set up and that you check it often.


Your NetID is necessary to access many UConn applications.  Please make sure you know what it is and you record your password.  If you encounter an application that requires you to use your NetID, the box below will appear. Instructions for activating your net id are available by clicking on the link noted above.


Student Administration (also referred to as PeopleSoft)

Each student is assigned a Student Administration # when they are accepted into the school.  If you do not know what yours is, please contact me and I will provide it to you.  Your Student Administration # is used by everyone at the university, the Registrar’s office, the Bursar’s office, the Grad School, Faculty and our office.

The Student Administration system is where you will go to update your personal information, find out who your advisors is, look up your class schedule, obtain your grades, print an unofficial transcript, view your fee bill etc.


HuskyCT is used by many professors to post class materials, recorded lectures, homework assignments, class syllabus and other information. If your instructor is using HuskyCT, you will have access to your classes on the first day the classes.  You will need to sign in to HuskyCT with your NetID.

Course Links

Since the majority of our students are full time working professionals we understand there may be times when a student cannot make it to class due to work or family commitments.  Although it should never be a substitute for attending class in person, it is our practice to videotape all classes offered in distance mode.  After the start of the semester you can find the link to your class. You will have access to all videotaped courses throughout the semester.  In addition to viewing missed classes, this is a wonderful study tool to review a concept you may not have completely grasped during the live lecture.

Class Registration

Registering for classes is easy.  You simply complete the registration form and send it to We will register you for your class thru the student admin system and will send a confirming e-mail to your UConn gmail account.

UTC Employees:  If you will be using funds from your UTC Employee Scholar Program (ESP) fund, you also will need to send me your approved ESP form.

Electric Boat Employees – Students who have been in the program prior to Fall 2016 will need to complete the FERPA form.


You can find out what textbooks professors are using for class by contacting them directly or by searching the UConn bookstore site to see if he has identified a text.  You can obtain your textbook thru the UConn Co-op, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other textbook sites.  In some cases the professor may not use a textbook or will identify it on his syllabus the first night of class.


You will be able to find out who has been assigned as your advisor by accessing the student admin system. Professors can help you with course selection and your plan of study. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a typical path for your concentration, please contact the CDEE office. Please remember that not all classes will be offered in distance mode.  You can also take classes on the Storrs campus to fulfill your degree requirements.


Most students including international and out of state students will be logging into your first class via WebEx.   An invitation to the class will be sent to you prior to the start of the first class. Webex classes can be found at


Students have access to many analytical software programs used in various engineering classes. The SkyBox has a complete list of available software.

Distance Learning Lab (DLL) Skybox

The Distance Learning Lab (DLL) Skybox is a part of Skybox, hosted on the UConn domain. This is different than the Engineering Skybox, which is on the Engineering domain. What this means is that in order to log on to the DLL you must use your UConn NetID and Pasword, NOT your Engineering credentials.

Software on the Distance Learning Lab Skybox

There are only 5 pieces of software currently installed on the DLL as of 10/12/2016. They are:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Matlab 2016a
  • Dymola 2015
  • Includes Visual Studios as a compiler
  • FMI for Matlab and Dymola
  • Rhapsody
  • Includes Cygwin as a compiler

Instructions to access DLL Skybox (pdf)