Civil Engineering

CE 5122 (3 Credits) Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Stress and strain, combined stress, and theories of failure. Torsion of non-circular sections. Shear center, unsymmetrical bending, curved flexural members, and beams on elastic foundations. Energy methods.


CE 5163 (3 Credits) Fracture Mechanics

This course focuses on fundamental concepts and applications of fracture mechanics. Topics include linear elastic fracture mechanics, elastic plastic fracture mechanics, computational fracture mechanics, fracture mechanisms in metals and non-metals, fracture testing, dynamic and time-dependent fracture, fatigue crack growth, interfacial fracture, fracture in advanced materials, and engineering applications.


CE 5164 (3 Credits) Finite Element Methods in Applied Mechanics I

Formulation of finite elements methods for linear static analysis. Development of two and three dimensional continuum elements, axisymmetric elements, plate and shell elements, and heat transfer elements. Evaluation of basic modeling principles including convergence and element distortion. Applications using commercial finite element programs. Course Equivalents: ME 5520


CE 5166 (3 Credits) Finite Element Methods in Applied Mechanics II

Formulation of finite elements methods for modal and transient analysis. Development of implicit and explicit transient algorithms. Stability and accuracy analysis. Formulation of finite element methods for material and geometric nonlinearities. Development of nonlinear solution algorithms. Applications using commercial finite element code. Course Equivalents: ME 5521


CE 5380 (3 Credits) Bridge Structures

Steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, and girder, box girder bridges; curved bridges; loadings; durability; fatigue; vibrations. Design project.


CE 5610 (3 Credits) Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures

Behavior and design of reinforced concrete for flexure, shear, torsion, bond, and axial loads; two way slabs; beam-column joints; general flexure theory; seismic considerations; review of design specifications.


CE 5620 (3 Credits) Advanced Steel Structures

Behavior, stability and design of steel columns, beams, beam-columns, plates, bracing, frames; torsional behavior; fatigue and brittle fracture; review of design specifications.


CE 5630 (3 Credits) Wood Design

Physical and mechanical properties of wood. Behavior of wood beams, columns, beam columns, connectors and fasteners; introduction to plywood and glued-laminated members; analysis and design of structural diaphragms and shear walls.