Power Engineering Certificate

Motivated by the demand from our industry partners, the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UConn School of Engineering has created a series of courses and is offering a certificate program in Power Engineering to provide the necessary knowledge at an advanced level to engage in the analysis and design of power systems. For example, participants will be able to:

  • Model major components used in the generation and distribution of power
  • Analyze the systems and methods used for the monitoring and protection of power systems
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques  for the planning and design of power systems
  • Choose suitable devices for integrating various power sources into a grid

All students apply and get admitted to the UConn Graduate School. After completing the certificate program, students will have 12 graduate credits that can be applied toward a Master of Engineering degree (30 credits) or the MS/PhD degree at UConn. These courses will provide students with necessary depth (beyond the undergraduate level) in a cohesive way in various related aspects of modern electrical power systems.

In addition to the required courses, participants will be able to select any four 5000 or 6000 level ECE courses in power engineering in the certificate program along with a capstone project to complete their degree. Existing Masters or PhD students are not eligible to participate in the Certificate Program but would be able to take any of the courses as part of their program with their faculty advisor’s approval.

Power Engineering Course Descriptions