Reminders & General Information

  • University’s late fee policy has been updated.  Beginning Fall 2017 the payment plan enrollment fee will be $100 per semester. If your installment is received late, you will be assessed a $50 late fee.

Please note:  For every installment you are late you will receive a $50 late fee, which could result in $200 in late fees.  

 We strongly urge you to pay your bill on time to avoid these late fees. As a reminder the Payment Plan is open until Day 10 of the semester. If you enroll in the payment plan after the due date you are responsible for any missed installments at the time of enrollment online. You must re-enroll in the payment plan each semester. 

For more information, contact: Office of the Bursar at

  • If you wish to drop a course, please send an email to US with your request prior to the first day of semester.
  • If you are currently registered for your last class this semester please Apply for Graduation.
  • It is important to read the Payment and Refund Policy and deadlines before registering for classes each semester.