Now that you are part of UConn community, you will be getting information about all UConn activities which may or may not be of interest to you. Please pay special attention to emails from the UConn Bursar’s office, the Registrar’s office, the Graduate school and our office, CDEE/MENG.

Currently CDEE classes are offered:

a. Online - Asynchronous, purely web based, accessible at times convenient for the student

b. Distance learning - Both asynchronous and synchronous classwork, also referred to as hybrid classes. Asynchronous coursework is accessed online at times convenient for the student. Synchronous classwork is accessed online at set scheduled times that faculty make themselves available for “live” online coursework.

c. Projection - Coursework is taught at Storrs (or at a regional campus) and can be attended at satellite locations. Please continue to check the CDEE website as there may be future alterations with this accommodation.

The Master of Engineering program (MENG) at UConn is designed for practicing engineers, providing a convenient way to enhance their performance value and learn important practical skills while earning a master’s degree. In addition to connecting to classes remotely (using webex), students can participate in classes at any of the following locations:

East Hartford — Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)
Farmington – Cell & Genome Science Building
Groton — UConn Avery Point Campus
Storrs — UConn Storrs Campus
Waterbury – UConn Waterbury Campus

MENG program allows students to apply to the University Graduate School and then take courses toward a master’s degree in engineering or take up to two MENG courses as a non-degree student and then apply to the Graduate School for admission to a master’s program. Practicing engineers can just take classes as a non-degree seeking student for strictly professional development.

The information below should provide you with the majority of the information you need to know to get started in your graduate career.

Your UConn Email account is considered the official e-mail account for all students enrolled in the university. Most professors will only send e-mails to this account and not to your work or personal e-mail accounts. We encourage you to make sure this is set up and that you check it often.

Your NetID is necessary to access many UConn applications. Please make sure you know what it is and you record your password. If you encounter an application that requires you to use your NetID, the box below will appear. Instructions for activating your net id are available by clicking on the link noted above.

Each student is assigned a Student Administration when they are accepted into the school. If you do not know what yours is, please contact our office and we will provide it to you. Your Student Administration is used by everyone at the university, the Registrar’s office, the Bursar’s office, the Grad School, Faculty and our office. Please include your student admin in all correspondence. It will make it a lot easier to locate your record and to accurately answer your questions.

The Student Administration system is where you will go to update your personal information, find out who your advisors is, look up your class schedule, obtain your grades, print an unofficial transcript, view your fee bill etc. There is a student guide at the above link.

HuskyCT is used by many professors to post class materials, recorded lectures, homework assignments, class syllabus and other information. If your instructor is using HuskyCT, you will have access to your classes on the first day the classes. You will need to sign in to HuskyCT with your NetID.

Students on business trips or extended travel have the ability to participate in class via a live class link. If it is necessary for you to participate via the live link, we suggest you attempt to connect to a test call prior to the class. The live class links should not be used as a substitute for attending class in person either in Storrs or at one of the distance locations if you are able.

The Continuing and Distance Engineering Education program in coordination with the University Information Technology Services department make every effort to ensure the recorded class and live class links are up and running at the agreed upon times. Please know, however, we cannot control equipment failures, power outages or other situations which may affect your ability to access the recorded or live class links. Availability is not 100% guaranteed.

Part-time M.S. students are allowed to take MENG distance learning course only if they register and pay through MENG program. Prior approval from the advisor (Jiong Tang for ME students) is needed. Here, the status ‘part-time’ refers to those students who pursue degree on a part-time basis (with full-time job elsewhere) regardless of the total credits enrolled. MENG students have priority in enrolling in distance learning courses

Registering for classes is easy. You simply complete the registration form and send it to We will register you for your class thru the student admin system and will send a confirming e-mail to your UConn Email account.

If you would like to register on your own, you can send our office an e-mail with the course name and section # of the class you want to attend along with your student admin. Once received, we will provide you with a permission # so you can register on your own. If you work for UTC or General Dynamics (EB) you will still have to submit the UTC or FERPA form to our office.

UTC Employees: If you will be using funds from your UTC Employee Scholar Program (ESP), you also will need to send me your approved ESP form.

Electric Boat Employees – Students who have been in the program prior to Fall 2016 will need to complete the FERPA form.

IMPORTANT: If you need to drop a course that you are currently registered for please send an email request to the MENG program office at Do not drop the course on your own.

Please make sure you are aware of the cancellation and refund policies as noted on the bursar’s website prior to registration.

You can find out what textbooks professors are using for class by contacting them directly or by searching the UConn Bookstore site. You can obtain your textbook thru the UConn Bookstore, Amazon, or other textbook sites. In some cases the professor may not use a textbook or will identify it on his syllabus the first night of class.

You will be able to find out who has been assigned as your advisor by accessing the student admin system. Professors can help you with course selection and your plan of study. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a typical path for your concentration, please refer to the descriptions located on our Academics page. Please remember that not all classes will be offered in distance mode. You can also take classes on the Storrs campus to fulfill your degree requirements.
Distance engineering students have access to all library materials and resources remotely.
As their last class, students select projects related to company work or develop a project in conjunction with a UCONN professor. The student must identify a UCONN Professor who is willing to serve as his capstone advisor and must receive approval on his project before registering for the project. The final report and final presentation may be conducted at company location. Capstone Project Guidelines provide more detail on the requirements.
Students have access to many analytical software programs used in various engineering classes. The SkyBox has a complete list of available software.

The Distance Learning Lab (DLL) Skybox is a part of Skybox, hosted on the UConn domain. This is different than the Engineering Skybox, which is in the Engineering domain. What this means is that in order to log on to the DLL you must use your UConn NetID and Password, NOT your Engineering credentials.

Software on the Distance Learning Lab Skybox

Only the following software are currently installed on the DLL as of 10/12/2016:

Microsoft Word
Matlab 2016a
Dymola 2015
Includes Visual Studios as a compiler
FMI for Matlab and Dymola
Includes Cygwin as a compiler
Instructions to access DLL Skybox